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    CVD Diamond Nanoscale Coating Tool
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    CVD Diamond Nanoscale Coating Tool
    Introduction of CVD diamond coated cutting tools
         CVD diamond coated cutting tool is a new high efficiency coated tool with YG/YT or ultrafine grained cemented carbide as the base.

    Characteristics of CVD diamond coated tool
    ?The coating thickness is only 10-30 m, ensuring the accuracy of micron precision.
    ?Depth pretreatment technology gives the coating super strength to avoid coating failure.
    ?The multi-element, multi-layer, nano micron composite coating endows the cutter with high impact resistance.
    ?The toughness of cemented carbide and the super hardness of diamond.
    ?Surface nano diamond films bring high surface finish to machining.
    The scope of application of CVD diamond coated tools
           CVD diamond coated tools show extraordinary long life and special processing efficiency on graphite, high silicon aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber material, polymer material and other non iron hard materials, especially in the graphite industry and aerospace equipment manufacturing industry.

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